Data Security and Information Security

Enterprise data can become vast, elusive and unwieldy over time. Maintaining a consolidated inventory of all instances of sensitive information, and classifying them to know who has (and who should have) access to data can become unmanageable due to:


Our solution can utilize auto-discovery and information classification to identify where confidential data is stored.  It then uses customizable classification labels to automate enforcement of security policies that apply to particular classes of sensitive objects. Sensitive data discovery can also be scheduled to execute regularly to prevent the introduction of rogue servers and ensure that no critical information is “forgotten.”


We provide a robust solution for safeguarding structured and unstructured data with negligible impact on the enterprise infrastructure. Protect your enterprise:

Continuous contextual monitoring (who, what, when, where, how) for suspicious and unauthorized access to data can alert and terminate access to data by hackers and rogue employees and avoid false positive and negatives reliability. Fraud monitoring is provided for application systems like Oracle E-Business suite, PeopleSoft, SAP as well as custom applications.  The solution also reduces the complexity of compliance reporting with specifically designed compliance reports and provides the ability to track and resolve security incidents.



Business Intelligence and Advanced Analytics

As your business changes, are you changing the ways you measure it? Are you able to
extract value from your existing data to enable decision making? DataCraft Partners provides data management and analytics solutions that allow for informed, data-driven decision making.

Distill : to take the most important parts of something and put them in a different and usually improved form (

We partner with our clients to distill their data and extract its value.
We maximize insights into  data by formulating an Exploratory Data Analysis approach that will define the underlying structure of your data, identify anomalies and ensure that every data element is understood completely.

We apply Master Data Management and Data Quality best practices to prepare data both for traditional business intelligence and deeper analytic analysis.

We transform the data to most efficient architecture for your organization’s infrastructure and make it readily understandable for all of your business.


We implement analytical techniques, apply industry standard models, utilize statistical methods and experimental design to present your results in a meaningful way.  Drive the continuous improvement of your data to allow you to make better decisions and identify new ways to manage your business.



Data Strategy and Program Management

Big Data, Deep Data, Wide Data, Data Science and all the other Buzz Words.

Industry loves buzz words, but what do all of them mean for your organization?   Technology has provided us with large volumes of data: web logs, social media streams, marketing activity logs, and “the internet of things” data.  Technology has also provided us with new ways of capturing, storing and analyzing this data: distributed file systems, distributed processing, data mining, and machine learning.  All of this data and technology can be challenging to an organization that wants to better leverage their data and evolve to a more data driven organization but also needs to continue to operate at current levels of productivity.

DataCraft Partners helps our clients transform their data strategy in order to leverage their data and technology to move from simply monitoring KPI’s, reporting trends, and siloed tracking of performance toward a more holistic and consolidated view of their business.